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Production system


Charioteer manufactures Acyclovir,Naproxen ,Naproxen sodium,Valaciclovir hydrochloride,Famciclovir,Clopidogrel Bisulfate and so on.
The total capacity of Naproxen is 800T/year and the total capasity of Naproxen sodium is 1200T/year/
The total Capacity of Acyclovir is 600T/year. We have kilo-grade API workshop for the manufacturing of high-value API
We have sufficient production system with strengthening and perfecting production schedule, control system and organization structure. The workshop and engineering supply system can match the requirement of CGMP;multi-sets of power supply devices which can ensure the continuous production of the workshop.Charioteer have three sets of purified water system which can reach the demand of refining and production water in the clean area. The cooling system can supply the water below -15℃。Charioteer also has a standard warehousing system.

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