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R&D strength


R&D center pays attention to innovation input, and spends more than 4.5% of the total sales revenue on research and development every year. The total assets of scientific research is about 3600 million RMB, it covers about 3411㎡, R&D center has advanced engineering experimental conditions, two multi-function semi-works and clean area, biological fermentation lab, API workshops of multi-function with feather weight, there are also base installations used to research and experiment, for example: raw material, fuel, water, electricity, steam, laboratory and so on. It has analytical and testing instruments such as chemical process simulation system, molecular distillation, laser particle analyzer, HPLC-MS, GC-MS, preparative chromatograph, HPLC, GC, UV, IR and high quality analysis testing personnel, they can provide the necessary testing services for all kinds of technology research.

R&D center pays attention to independent research and development, they also strengthen external cooperation, and established long-term cooperative relationship with  famous research institute, such as Zhejiang University, Zhejiang University of Technology, Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry Chinese Academy of sciences, Shanghai medical professionals courtyard, East China University of Science and Technology.

R&D center has a professional R&D team with high technical level, strong research and development innovation ability, abundant practical experience. there are more than 80 people engaging in research,  4 people are doctor, more than 18 people are  master degree,  1 people is professor Senior title, 4 people are senior title, 1 people is the state government subsidies expert, 2 people are provincial key funding of “151 talents in the new century” and the second level training personnel, 1 people is the city “500 elite plan” talents, 1 people is the city the seventh top-notch personnel, 1 people is the city ten science and technology innovation star and so on.

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