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Charioteer has the strong technical and innovative ability based on own R&D center, total 42 products have been approved into the provincial new product list, 28 products passed the national acceptance inspection of new product (of which 8 produts are international advanced level, 7 products are domestical advanced level), and 20 projects have been listed into the national technical supportive and technical special cooperation plan, other 20 projects have been enrolled into provincial major technical special plan. Now there are more than 20 national invention patents, among them national invention patens are 16, one is PCT invention patent (Which has been authorized by USA and Russia), 19 thesises had been published on domestic and overseas periodicals, 5 natioanal specifications. Meanwhile Charioteer have obtained first prize of provincial technical progress 1 time, second and third prize 5 times, first prize of China petroleum and chemical industry federation technical progress 1 time, second and third prize of provincial excellent industrial new product 2 times, technical progress prize of Taizhou city 13 times.


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